Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer Review

Most cooks and chefs that have bought this 5 blade slicer have never regretted. It widely known and used by all TV shows that teach people how to cook. That is because it comes with extra features and extra that will guide you on how to use the tool. It is a plastic tool and durable.

Reinforced BPA that makes it stronger

It has 420 high carbon cutlery grade stainless steel blades that make it 40% stronger to spirilize harder veggies and fruits like sweet potatos and turnips.You are buying this item knowing that any hard veggies won’t break the spiralizer tool.

1.  Your family is guaranteed of beautiful slice, shreds and chips every single day from veggies and fruits that promote healthy living in the family.
2.  Does the job of spiralizing easier by making sure that the fruits and veggies hold firmly. With this tool you won’t find it difficult holding veggies that are up to 10 inches wide.
3.  Made of durable ABS plastic material that for long lasting performance. There are 80% of you staying with tool for more than three years.
4.  Uses no electric power. That means you operate it manually. The no power operation makes this tool a great buy for going with in special occasion such as picnic and camping.

1.  It takes time spiralizer hard vegetables like carrots. It works well for soft veggies like cucumber, broccoli and zucchini

Here is the video review

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